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With World War II veterans dying by the thousands each day, Adam and his research team are currently hard at work creating future books to tell their stories.


Due to this race against time, it is impossible for Adam to reply to the hundreds of messages that he receives.


Please look over the following "Frequently Asked Questions" as the answer to your question may be found within.

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  • How can I meet Adam to get my book signed?

    Adam’s appearance schedule can be found on the events page.

  • Can I send him my book to sign and mail back?

    Because Adam writes from locations all over the world, he is unable to handle the logistics of receiving, signing, and shipping books sent to him. In place of this, he’s made special autographed bookplates available.


    Autographed copies of "Spearhead" are available from Premiere Collectibles & the Midtown Scholar Bookstore.

  • I’m from the media/film industry, can I talk with Adam about an interview/film rights?

    Please send any media inquiries to:

    Please send any film inquiries to Will Watkins at ICM.

  • I know a veteran with a great story, can Adam interview him?

    Unfortunately, Adam has his next books in production and a decade’s work ahead of him,
    so he’s unable to conduct new interviews.

  • What is Adam's next book about?

    Adam's latest book Spearhead is now available everywhere books are sold.


    Spearhead goes inside an American tank with a gentle giant-turned-tank gunner who’s leading the U.S. Army into Cologne. And it puts you into the boots of the teenage German gunner sent to stop him.


    To find out what happens when these lives collide, order yours today!


    After Spearhead comes an incredible true story of resistance set in Europe during World War II.

  • Does Adam have pre-written questions for my Book Club?

    Questions & topics for discussion about "A Higher Call" can be found here, courtesy of the Hope Book Group.
    Questions & topics for discussion about "Devotion" can be found here.


  • I’m writing a school paper, can I speak with Adam?

    Adam is flattered to be the subject of a school paper and while he can’t grant individual interviews,
    he’s posted useful information on the bio page of this site. He has also conducted a number of radio interviews that can be found on YouTube by searching for his name.

  • Is there a “A Higher Call” or "Devotion" movie in the works?

    The "A Higher Call" film rights have been optioned by a noted director and an announcement will follow later in 2019.


    The "Devotion" film rights are with Black Label Media, you can see their announcement here.


    When there is more Hollywood news we'll post it on Adam's Facebook page.

  • Are Adam's books available in foreign languages?

    Yes, please visit our store where we list the international editions.

  • Is Adam available for speaking engagements?

    Because Adam is hard at work on his next book,
    he is not accepting any speaking engagements at this time.

  • Can I send Adam my book/manuscript for his opinion or review?

    While Adam is honored by such requests, with three books of his own in the works and a decade of writing lying ahead of him, he’s unable to review others’ books/manuscripts at this time.

  • How can I get a book signed by Clarence Smoyer or Franz Stigler or Tom Hudner?

    Autographed copies of "Spearhead" are available from Premiere Collectibles & the Midtown Scholar Bookstore.


    Unfortunately, Franz & Charlie died in 2008 and Tom Hudner died in 2017. However, the autographs of each of these gentlemen are available via


  • How can I send a letter to a character from your book(s)?

    Sadly, all the major characters from "A Higher Call" and "Devotion" have passed away and at age 95, Clarence Smoyer is unable to maintain correspondence with readers.

  • Can Adam give me publishing advice for the book I'm writing?

    While Adam is unable to personally give writing & publishing advice, he strongly recommends that any future authors read Stephen King's excellent book "On Writing."  He also recommends reading the following articles:

  • Can Adam help me learn more about the veteran in my family?

    To learn more about a veteran in your family, Adam recommends that you access that veteran's personnel file from the National Archives in St. Louis, provided it survived the 1973 fire. Researcher Jackie Ostrowski can help with this task at a reasonable price. She can be reached by email at:

  • Where can I see the Stigler/Brown or Cologne 1945 bonus film?

    The film of Charlie & Franz during their first reunion together is found on the "A Higher Call" book page, under the label "bonus video."


    The combat film of Clarence in action during the Battle of Cologne is found on the "Spearhead" book page.
    It appears in the official trailer and in the first of the bonus videos.

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Please know that because Adam is working on a new book, it is impossible

for him to reply to the hundreds of messages that he receives.