“Fantastic, deeply


- Alex Kershaw

“True and terrifying

- Dale Dye

From the bestselling author of A Higher Call and Spearhead comes an unflinching firsthand chronicle of the heroic US Marines who fought on Guadalcanal, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and in other pivotal battles during the Pacific War, a classic book now expanded with new stories from the flyboys overhead and the home front at war.


Following fifteen Marines from Pearl Harbor, through their battles with the Japanese, to their return home after V-J Day, Adam Makos and Marcus Brotherton have compiled an oral history of the Pacific War in the words of the men who fought on the front lines.


With vivid, unforgettable detail, these Marines reveal harrowing accounts of combat with an implacable enemy, the camaraderie they found, the friends they lost, and the aftermath of the war's impact on their lives.


With unprecedented access to the veterans, rare photographs, and unpublished memoirs, Voices of the Pacific presents true stories of heroism as told by such World War II veterans as Sid Phillips, R.V. Burgin, and Chuck Tatum—whose exploits were featured in the classic HBO miniseries The Pacific—and their Marine buddies from the legendary 1st Marine Division.


“Imagine a last conversation with your father or grandfather who fought in WWII, only this time he tells you the stories he always held back. That’s Voices of the Pacific.”


Ensign Jesse Brown
Tom Hudner in his Corsair cockpit
Jesse Brown, Daisy Brown and baby Pam
Marines in Korea
Jesse Brown and VF-32 pilots
VF-32 F4U-4 Corsair takeoff
VF-32 Corsairs
Marines at the Chosin Reservoir

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by Matt Hall

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